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First engine run for Embraer’s Legacy 500

Feb. 6, 2012, Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil - Embraer performed the Legacy 500 first engine run on January 17, at the Company’s headquarters in São José dos Campos, Brazil. This was the second major milestone in the development of the midsize executive jet program, following the aircraft’s roll out, on December 23, 2011.

February 6, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

A series of preparatory evaluations – such as APU tests and first refueling – were held the day prior to the engine run. Engine tests are essential to properly evaluate all dependent systems: bleed air, electrical, environmental (air conditioning), hydraulic, and FADEC logics, as well as the integration of the engine with avionics.

“Being successful on our first engine run reflects the robustness of the concept conceived by our engineers,” said Luciano Castro, Legacy 500 program vice president – Embraer Executive Jets. “This was possible thanks to the extensive use of RIGs to test the systems prior to aircraft prototype availability. It makes us confident that we will have a smooth flight test and certification campaign.”

The entire process is recorded, and data obtained are compared to engineering projections. Once engines reach full thrust and systems integration is confirmed, low-speed taxi tests will commence.

The first flight of the Legacy 500 is expected to take place in the third quarter of this year.



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