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Flight Safety Foundation evaluating mining flight standards

July 28, 2014, Melbourne, Aus. - The Flight Safety Foundation will survey 100 Canadian mining and resources companies this week in a bid to evaluate the region’s use of aircraft operations in the resources sector.

July 28, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

The Flight Safety Foundation’s Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) Program is calling for organizations operating within the Canadian mining and resources sector to participate in the survey, which will help the Foundation to identify gaps in aviation risk management and improve safety standards across the industry.
BARS Program Managing Director Greg Marshall said the survey would inspire an analysis of the aviation standards currently upheld in the Canadian mining and resources industry, and help to identify sentiment towards transitioning to a universal auditing program.
“We are interested in finding out how aviation services are used in this sector and where there is room for improvement in terms of the safety and reliability of the aircraft employed,” Marshall said.
“The BARS Program provides a universal risk audit standard for sectors like mining where aircraft are used regularly for the transport of personnel and equipment.
“Canada is one of the largest mining nations in the world and so an important region for the BARS Program in helping us to implement one internationally recognized best practice standard for aircraft operations.
“We are looking forward to building more of a presence in Canada this year and working with the relevant parties to create safer aircraft operations for the resources industry.”


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