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Global aviation crackdown imminent following MetroJet 9268 crash

As tourists abandon the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, government and aviation officials warned that global airport security will need to be reviewed if suspicions are confirmed that a bomb brought down a Russian jetliner over Sinai.

November 9, 2015  By Bloomberg News

While officials don’t have enough evidence yet to conclude the incident was the result of a blast, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said the view of the British authorities was that the disaster was “more likely than not caused by an explosive device.” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the possibility of a terror attack “is being taken very seriously.”

Investigators are trying to tease as much as possible from the Metrojet Airbus A321’s two black boxes, recovered from the Sinai peninsula, where the plane’s pieces fell to the ground Oct. 31. All 224 people aboard died in the crash. A last-second noise heard on a cockpit recording has become the focus of an Egypt-led probe. | READ MORE


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