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Guardian Avionics begins shipping MFD 650 for experimentals

Guardian Avionics is now shipping its Multi-Function Display system, the MFD 650, for installation in Experimental Aircraft panels. The purpose of the MFD 650 is to share information that is in front of the pilot with his passengers while creating a valuable record of flight data that can be stored in the Cloud. Two to six iPads, mini-Pads, iPhones or iWatches will allow passengers to view synthetic reality, a moving map display, engine data or the pilot logbook when those devices are connected to a Garmin GPS and an electronic engine monitor. At the same time the MFD 650 will monitor carbon monoxide levels in the cockpit and provide two USB Smart Charger outlets for rapid charging of cell phones or other electronic devices.

July 14, 2015  By Guardian Avionics

While the Garmin 3X, 430, 530, 650 or 750 and the JPI engine monitors or UL Power EMU offer excellent primary information, the MFD 650 offers a very reasonably priced alternative to mounting backup units in the panel, which may not even have the available space for a second display.
The MFD 650 can also combine navigation and engine information in a split-screen display.
During flight, IPads can be held in flush mounting docks attached to the panel or in the laps of back seat passengers. The patent pending docks have spring clips that allow for quick mounting and which provide secure holding in turbulence. An iPhone can easily be velcroed to a control yoke or held in a mounting dock.
IPhones and iPads are connected to the MFD 650 via Bluetooth and operate through the Guardian Avionics I-MFD App which is available through the App Store. The App will automatically record flight time, take offs and landings, engine and flight data. The information is stored during flight and then is automatically uploaded through a Wi-Fi connection to a secure Cloud location for post-flight analysis at home or conveyance to the pilot’s service mechanic.
“It’s intended to give real time information to the pilot and passengers in GA aircraft,” said Ash Vij, President of Guardian Avionics. “This way adults and kids will all have situational awareness and be able to track the progress of the flight. Or the pilot can simply use it as a second or third panel screen. The data recording feature can be invaluable if a mechanical problem develops.”
The MFD 650 can be mounted in the panel and an alternate version, the MFD 850 can be mounted remotely behind the panel. The MFD 650 weighs 8 ounces and measures 1.7” wide, 1.3” high and 7” deep.

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