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HEET to lead Boeing-COMAC jet fuel project

Oct. 26, 2012, Chicago, Il. - Boeing-Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China's (COMAC) energy conservation technology centre has chosen Hangzhou Energy Engineering & Technology (HEET) to lead its first research project to develop sustainable aviation biofuel from waste cooking oil.

October 26, 2012  By

HEET has experience in developing alternative energy technologies, with the research project aiming to identify contaminants and processes that would refine waste cooking oil for use as fuel in aircraft.

In the first year, the project will show how cost-reduction can be achieved by converting waste cooking oil, which is often known as gutter oil, into aviation fuel through improved conversion efficiency and related technology.

Boeing Research & Technology China vice president Dong Yang Wu said HEET was a strong partner for the Boeing-COMAC technology centre's 'gutter oil' research project.

"We are excited about opportunities to partner with leading research capabilities in China to accelerate the global push for renewable jet fuels and support commercial aviation's growth while reducing its environmental footprint," Wu added.


The technology centre has also partnered with China-based universities and research institutions in order to gain knowledge in key areas, such as sustainable aviation biofuels and air traffic management to boost efficiency of commercial aviation and significantly reduce carbon footprints.

China consumes approximately 29 million tonnes of cooking oil annually, while its aviation industry needs 20 million tonnes of jet fuel. Consequently, waste cooking oil has significant potential as a source for the production of sustainable aviation biofuel and could serve as an alternative to petroleum fuel, according to Boeing.

Opened on 16 August, the Aviation Energy Conservation and Emissions Reductions Technology Center is located in COMAC's new Beijing Aeronautical Science and Technology Research Institute (BASTRI).


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