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rbpaperMarch 7, 2009 – Registering may be simple, but winning Red Bull Paper Wings is a very different matter indeed.

March 5, 2009  By Administrator


March 7, 2009 – TORONTO – Registering may be simple, but winning Red Bull Paper Wings is a very different matter indeed. With just a sheet of paper, plenty of ideas, strong or skilful upper arms and a healthy portion of idealism, competitors can go down in sports history. The activity once practised in Ancient China to pass the time has come a long way and on March 14, 2009 Canadian airplane enthusiasts will meet to fight it out in this unique event for the title at Red Bull Paper Wings National Final!

Competitors wanting to battle at the World Final in Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria on May 1-2, 2009 will first have to prove themselves against the best flyers from their respective countries in national qualifying rounds. Canadians will have to combine their creative spirit in crafting paper planes and sportive ambition in flying higher, further and further with more style than their competitors.

Ten qualifier rounds took place across Canada in February and over 250 participants were competing to be part of the National Final. At each qualifier, paper airplane pilots with the longest distance, longest airtime and best aerobatics were given a spot at the National Final, and a chance to beat their rivals in hopes to earn a ticket to Austria for the World Final.

International Qualifying Rules
Challenging the existing world records needs to be done according to the international rules developed by the Paper Aircraft Association (PAA) and the Guinness World Record regulations. Assuring world wide comparability of the results requires following the official Red Bull Paper Wings rules.


To reflect the different directions in the world of paper planes, Red Bull Paper Wings has three distinctive categories: longest distance, longest airtime and aerobatics.

1) Longest Distance: (constructed by a standard A4 format, 297x210mm, not more than 100gms) the winning plane must fly the longest distance between the lift-off and the landing point within the official Air Space.

2) Longest Airtime: (constructed by a standard A4 format, 297x210mm, not more than 100gms) the winner will be the plane that manages to stay in the air the longest (in seconds).

3) Aerobatics: The champion in this category will be the pilot using creativity and style in making the paper plane fly artistically through the air. A jury will determine the winner according to the construction of the paper plan, flight performance and creativity (plane, outfit, performance, etc.).

“The next world record paper airplane could come from anywhere!” – Ken Blackburn, paper airplane world record holder and judge at the 2009 Red Bull Paper Wings World Final.

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About the Red Bull Paper Wings

Red Bull Paper Wings is a contest event format incorporating two of the most vital assets of Red Bull, flying and creativity and has been developed as a world wide paper plane contest, giving many paper airplane pilots the chance, to actively participate in an airplane contest combining their spirit and sportive ambition in flying! The 2005/6 season saw over 10,000 competitors from 50 countries take part in 260 qualification rounds across the world with the aim of soaring into the main event where winners were crowned in the categories Longest Airtime and Longest Distance and Aerobatics. The 2009 World Final, taking place at Hangar-7 in Salzburg, Austria will host the national winners from all categories from more than 80 countries, all vying for a place in aviation history.

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