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Larson Electronics introduces new LED string light system

September 20, 2013  By Stacy Bradshaw


20, 2013 – Larson Electronics has announced the release of a powerful
new LED string light system designed to provide higher performance than
comparable incandescent string lights. The WAL-SL-10-LED-25-TXF Work
Area LED String Light features 10 LED lamps producing more light output
with better color quality than incandescent lamps and rugged
construction for demanding conditions.

The WAL-SL-10-LED-25-TXF
work area LED string light from Larson Electronics is designed to
provide operators with the versatility of a 100 foot string light
combined with the enhanced performance of LED lighting technology.
Unlike inefficient and hot running incandescent string lights which
feature 100 watt incandescent bulbs, this LED string light uses less
power, runs cooler, produces more and higher quality light, and can
withstand tough conditions and rough handling ordinary string lights
can’t. This heavy duty string lighting system features ten LED lamp
fixtures connected in series along 100 feet of tough  14/2 SJTW cable.
Each 10 watt LED lamp produces more light output than a 100 watt
incandescent bulb while using 90% less power. These LED lights are
highly resistant to damage from impacts and vibrations, and because they
are LED, run only slightly warm and will not cause accidental burns if
touched. Each lamp screws into a molded E26 lamp socket and is enclosed
in a bird cage style plastic guard, and there is ten feet of cable
between each lamp for even coverage of the work space. This string light
is designed to run on low voltage 12/24 VDC current, and so includes an
inline transformer which allows operators to connect the unit to
standard 120-277 VAC power sources. The low power requirements of this
string light means operators can string more of these units in series
than is possible with incandescent string lights, although there are
still limits to the number of total strings that can be connected. Other
performance improvements this unit features includes no wire filament
bulb design,  long 50,000 hour LED operating life, highly efficient
operation, and extreme reliability in demanding work environments. The
WAL-SL-10-LED-25-TXF work area LED string light is ideal for operators
who need to illuminate large areas but want higher quality illumination
that won’t be subject to frequent bulb failures from the rough handling
and tough working conditions common in industrial and commercial work

“This low voltage temporary LED string light
is equipped with ten A19 style DC voltage LED bulbs, each bulb providing
more illumination than a 100 watt rough service lamp while operating on
a 10th of electrical power,” said Robert Bresnahan with Larson
Electronics. “The WAL-SL-10-LED-25-TXF string light system offers
operators an affordable and durable low voltage temporary lighting
system without sacrificing work site illumination.”

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