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Latitude unveils new eNode engine data acquisition unit

Taking to the stage following the start of The Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) conference in Las Vegas, Latitude President Mark Insley will announce the unveiling of his team's latest innovation.

March 29, 2018  By Latitude Technologies

Introducing the ENode, Latitude’s new engine data acquisition unit built to enable engine condition trend monitoring (ECTM), flight data monitoring (FDM), and fuel management programs for aircraft. Packaged into a small, lightweight box, the technology offers a versatile solution supporting all twin turbine engine aircraft and operators by providing access to timely and actionable information. Effortlessly record ECTM data, while receiving vital notifications, engine parameters, exceedances, and more.

Designed to operate with Latitudes modular system of aircraft communications and monitoring solutions, the ENode allows operators to reduce their operating costs and increase operational awareness. The ENode can be installed on its own to capture engine signals and convert to ARINC 429, or can be mechanically coupled with Latitudes IONode lightweight flight data recorder. Protect your bottom line and see a measurable return on investment by staying in control of your system status, reducing unexpected maintenance expenditures and catastrophic failures.

Turn your recorded data into actionable information with Latitude Flight Data Analytics, our complete web-based system for storing, viewing, managing and analyzing flight data to support your operations. Flight and engine data is automatically sent on to specialized service providers to deliver industry-leading ECTM and fuel use analysis. Reduce your operating costs and increase visibility into your operations today with Latitude’s range of aircraft monitoring solutions.



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