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Levaero Aviation gets FAA STC for PC-12 Enhanced Vision System

Thunder Bay, Ont. - Levaero Aviation (formerly Pilatus Centre Canada), in association with Northeast Engineering & Development Ltd., has been granted a FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for their Pilatus PC-12 Enhanced Vision System (EVS). The Transport Canada STC was previously granted in August 2014.

May 14, 2015  By Levaero Aviation

Levaero chose the Lexavia LFS6000 EVS Sensor as the heart of the system. The LFS6000 is available in either the 320 x 240 resolution or the extremely high performance 640 x 480 resolutions. The lightest and most aerodynamic EVS sensor available today, the LFS6000 provides real time enhanced vision capability during nighttime and many other reduced visibility operations. This allows pilots to better identify terrain, structures, vehicles, animals and other aircraft on and near runways, offering added situational awareness, and increased safety. The sensor location on the PC-12 provides a precise pilot point-of-view image to the cockpit.

“When choosing our equipment provider, the compact size, exceptional performance and ease of installation of Lexavia’s sensor made our decision an easy one,” said Steve Davey, Levaero’s Executive Vice President & COO. “This is an affordable solution for PC-12 owners and operators who want the safety benefits that an enhanced vision system provides,” added Davey.

Levaero’s STC currently applies to the Next Generation (NG) PC-12 model, utilizing the factory-installed Honeywell APEX MFD and optional video input system. The second issue of the STC (pending) will add Legacy PC-12 models that are previously or concurrently equipped with compatible MFDs.

“PC-12s fitted with the appropriate OEM equipment and MFDs can be equipped with our EVS system, including parts and labour, for between $53K and $72K USD, depending on the customer’s choice of sensor and controller. Installation is relatively simple with minimal alteration of the aircraft.” added Davey.



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