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Maxcraft Avionics gets STC for Garmin GTX 33H transponder

Maxcraft Avionics Ltd, an Avionics install, maintenance, and design company located on Pitt Meadows Airport near Vancouver, BC, has announced that they have received Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) SH14-35 for installation of the Garmin GTX 33H Mode-S Transponder with optional GTS 825/855 TAS/TCAS-I Processor and dual directional traffic antennas. This STC will be revised to include ADS-B ‘out’ functionality at the next opportunity, and is currently being reviewed for FAA familiarization.

June 25, 2015  By Maxcraft Avionics

GTX Mode-S Remote Transponder
The Remote Transponder is controlled by an existing or co-installed GTN6XX/7XX (refer to Maxcraft TCCA STC SH04-41 Issue 5). The GTX 33 remote-mounted Mode S digital transponder allows you to see the same radar traffic your ATC controller is watching. This IFR-certified unit features traffic datalink capability and also meets the European mandate for Mode S level 2 surveillance. The GTX 33 is an all solid-state design, which makes for lower power consumption and reduced heat emissions. The transmitter delivers up to 250 watts of nominal power output. Other highlights include remote ident and auto standby, a Traffic Information Services (TIS-A) interface, plus altitude monitor with voice alerts (for non-GTS installations only) .

GTS 825/855 TAS/TCAS-I Traffic System
This added safety enhancement satisfies the Helicopter Recommended Equipment requirements of OGP Report 390 (Aug 2011) for long term operations. There are no equipment components changes required if upgrading from TAS (Traffic Advisory System) to TCAS-I (Traffic Collision and Avoidance System). The GTS processor is simply software enabled from a GTS825 to GTS855, providing the twice the monitoring range.


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