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Missing cat fiasco haunts Air Canada

Dec. 6, 2011, Edmonton - First she was told her cat was missing, then she was told he was dead. Now, it turns out the dead cat isn't hers.

December 6, 2011  By The Canadian Press

In late September, Vanessa Summerfield received a call from Air Canada telling her that her black and white cat, George, had gone missing from an Air Canada cargo hold at Edmonton International Airport.

"I was hysterical, upset, angry, I just couldn't believe this actually happened," Summerfield said at the time.

"He was my family and I lost him."

Airport staff have since been on the lookout for the missing cat, and missing posters have been posted throughout the airport.


On Nov. 23, Summerfield got the call she'd been dreading – Air Canada informed her that George had been found dead.

Summerfield, who lives in Fort McMurray, made arrangements for a friend who lives in Edmonton to pick up George's remains.

But the friend quickly determined that the cat was female. A veterinarian also examined the remains, who said the cat was not George.

Summerfield is holding out hope that the next call she gets will bring better news.


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