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MOTA launches drone etiquette program

MOTA has announced the launch Fly Safely!, an educational campaign to promote safe flight by first-time drone owners.

December 1, 2015  By MOTA

The launch of Fly Safely! comes after last month’s debut of the world’s smallest, lightest drone: MOTA JETJATT Nano.

“JETJAT Nano gives anyone the ability to pilot a high-performance aircraft,” said MOTA President Michael Faro. “Nano is inexpensive, fun to fly, and can go almost anywhere. For the first time, people can operate a drone as casually as they use a phone. We want everybody to enjoy our little Nano responsibly, so that others around them share in the pleasure of flight.”

JETJAT Nano introduces a new class of ultra-small simple-to-fly personal drones. It promises to further fuel an already rapidly-growing drone market. Fortune estimated consumer drone sales at between $800 million to $1 billion worldwide,1 while the Consumer Electronics Association projected up to 1 million drone flights/day in the U.S. by 2025.2

Fly Safely! takes a gently humorous approach to flight etiquette and safety. The campaign includes a series of social posts with flight tips for treading lightly in the sky, outreach to leading R/C and drone clubs, and a free poster for individuals and organizations such as schools. The poster, Save-A-Drone: Flight Safety, is downloadable at:



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