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MSP Aero certifies Wi-Fi for G200

Oct. 11, 2011, Las Vegas, Nv. - MSP Aero, is pleased to announce its recent Wi-Fi certification for the G200.

October 11, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

The certification provides more options for G200 operators who are looking to upgrade to a more robust broadband solution in the cabin via Aircell’s ® Gogo Biz™ In-flight Internet service. Aircell’s system delivers high-speed in-flight connectivity for passenger devices at speeds of 1-3 Mbps. Gogo Biz™ is an affordable solution in business aviation that provides a true high speed solution equivalent to ground based broadband services passengers are accustomed to. Similar to DSL Internet, Gogo Biz™ is up to 56 times faster than dial-up connections and significantly faster than most satellite based solutions, allowing not only e-mail content and downloads, but the option of future voice upgrades as well. At just 11 pounds for the hardware and its two associated antennas at 2.5 pounds, it offers higher bandwidth capacity at a significant weight savings to traditional voice systems.

“We are pleased to offer an Aircell installation solution to our ongoing G200 customers; moreover, offer the Wi-Fi STC to the Aircell Dealer network” said Jon Ness, Director of Business Development at MSP Aero. In addition, MSP Aero shall target additional airframes that are currently underserved, with plans to develop installation kits to provide a seamless solution for additional completions.


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