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NAV CANADA employees raise $414,000 for cancer research

NAV CANADA employees in the National Capital Region have raised over $414,000 in the Company’s 2016 campaign to support cancer research. This year’s total surpasses the 2015 amount by more than 10 per cent.

June 29, 2016  By NAV CANADA

This was NAV CANADA’s ninth year of the Ottawa Hospital campaign where employee donations – boosted by matching dollars from the Company and suppliers’ contributions – have reached a total sum of nearly $2.8 million.
“This year’s gift to Ottawa Hospital is more than twice the amount we raised in the 2008 launch,” said Neil Wilson, president and CEO of NAV CANADA recalling the $200,000 donation in the inaugural year. “It is a testament to our employees’ exceptional generosity and charitable spirit that we have seen such impressive and steady growth. No doubt the impressive cancer research being conducted by Dr. John Bell and his team and the strides they have made is also a big factor in the continuing success of our campaign.”
Kim Troutman, vice president, Engineering and the 2016 Ottawa Hospital Campaign Chair expressed his appreciation to the employees and other donors for their contributions.
“I’d also like to send a huge thank you to this year’s dedicated campaign team for their energizing ideas and entrepreneurial spirit as they helped organize various fundraisers including the golf tournament, various raffles, silent auctions and hockey tournaments” said Troutman.
“Over the course of this campaign, I realized once again what a true honour it is to see NAV CANADA employees in action to support a great cause and to witness the collaboration and camaraderie inside and outside of the workplace walls,” added Troutman.
“A heart-felt thank you to NAV CANADA employees on your continued investment in Dr. Bell’s Oncolytic Virus research,” said Dr. Jack Kitts, President and CEO of The Ottawa Hospital. “Globally, NAV CANADA has forged a reputation for innovation; similarly, the world is watching Ottawa for its innovative research at The Ottawa Hospital.  Together we will bring cancer to its knees! Thank you NAV CANADA for your unwavering dedication.”


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