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NGRAIN delivers F-22 software to Lockheed Martin

Aug. 13, 2012, Vancouver - NGRAIN has announced the delivery of its Virtual Damage Repair and Tracking software to Lockheed Martin for F-22 maintenance.

August 13, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

Already used for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program, the interactive maintenance and repair tracking solution will be deployed on the United States Air Force F-22 fleet in September. To date, it is the only F-22 application originating from a supplier outside the U.S.

“The international scope of the F-35 program – which has nine participating allied nations – opened the door for us to participate in the U.S. F-22 program, fueling our expansion across the aerospace industry,” says Gabe Batstone, Chief Executive Officer, NGRAIN.

Lockheed Martin first selected the 3D simulation technology provider to transform its damage assessment and repair system in February, 2008. Tracking repair history of the airframe is a key component of ensuring flight worthiness for any aircraft, yet this is traditionally a cumbersome, non-digital process. In collaboration with Lockheed Martin, NGRAIN developed the industry’s first interactive 3D virtual damage assessment solution by developing a unique application for the F-35 platform.

Based on NGRAIN’s volume graphics technology, the solution allows aircraft maintainers to quickly and accurately capture damage information on a detailed digital exterior representation of the F-35 aircraft, and store and access that data on Lockheed Martin’s proprietary back-end logistical system. As a result of the F-35 application’s success, Lockheed Martin selected NGRAIN in 2011 to configure its software for F-22 maintenance.


“As the military transitions to a readiness posture in an era of reduced budgets, maintaining capabilities with smaller forces will be crucial. With the damage assessment application, United States Air Force maintainers can easily transition between aircraft, helping boost efficiencies and ultimately supporting mission readiness,” says Jeff A. Babione, vice president of the F-22 Program.

To support F-35 maintenance, the NGRAIN software is integrated into Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II Autonomic Logistics Information Systems (ALIS) software suite.  For F-22 maintenance, the software is integrated into Lockheed’s Integrated Maintenance Information System (IMIS) software suite.

The integration into these back-end platforms enables technicians to enter data that is automatically associated with a specific aircraft part number for retrieval at a later time. The automatic transfer of data and its integration with the F-22 IMIS and F-35 ALIS software platforms is designed to improve the accuracy in data capture and overall workflow.


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