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Osprey Flight Solutions unveils risk analysis, management solution

Osprey Flight Solutions, a new aviation security company, has unveiled a ‘breakthrough’ risk analysis and management solution for the industry. Osprey’s innovation will provide all operators with instant access to flight specific, accurate and comprehensive airport, country and overflight risk assessments. For the first time, this analysis will be delivered instantly and directly into flight planning software. This heralds an important step in enabling operators to maximize the protection of crew, passengers and aircraft.

September 29, 2017  By Osprey Flight Solutions

In today’s dynamic and challenging airspace environment, the lack of a cost effective, real-time risk management solution has been an industry concern for some time.

This concern was highlighted in the ‘Next Generation Risk Management’ panel at last year’s IATA AVSEC World conference/It is appropriate, therefore that Osprey will formally roll out its solution coinciding with AVSEC World 2017 in Abu Dhabi in November.

In an important development, the Osprey system enhances the quality and consistency of human analysis by leveraging cutting edge computing techniques and technology, improving efficiency, accuracy and output whilst keeping costs down.

Technology brings real power to the Osprey system. Technical capabilities are used to gather crucial data for flight safety and security. They enable the processing of huge amount of data, scraping some 200,000 sources in over 60 languages, which are filtered and validated, allowing patterns and trends that may be invisible to a purely human system to be identified. Continuous mutual support between the software and Osprey’s analysts ensures the highest quality of assessments and maximum accuracy, speed and consistency of security analysis. Seamlessly integrating with any flight planning software, Osprey’s system delivers instantaneous, intuitive visual and written risk assessments directly to the operator exactly when needed, supporting operational decision making, quality control and compliance.


Additionally, Osprey’s Analysis Team publishes email alerts on emerging incidents that could threaten the aviation security environment, or where an incident reinforces Osprey’s advice and recommendations for an overflight risk area, airport or country. Rolling alerts are regularly issued with updates on major incidents that cause severe disruption, have a significant impact on the aviation industry or where the situation precipitates industry-wide visibility.

Alerts are available free of charge to the whole industry by signing up on the Osprey website.

Osprey’s is the only fully inclusive risk management system for the aviation industry. It takes into account a range of technical criteria to holistically analyze threats to aviation at three altitude intervals: 0 – FL100, FL100 – FL260 and above FL260 to cover security threats to all aircraft from rotary to wide bodied aircraft, at all stages of flight.

Osprey’s CEO is Andrew Nicholson, former MedAire head of aviation security. He commented: “We have made access to up to the minute threat and risk information instantaneous and easy for every operator, from a single aircraft owner/pilot to the largest commercial airline. No matter what resources they might have, it is important that every operator has access to the right information to be able to understand and mitigate the threats to their crew, passengers and aircraft.”


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