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PATS Aircraft Systems receives order for Boeing auxillary fuel systems

March 3, 2011, Georgetown, De. - PATS Aircraft Systems has received an order for up to ten (10)
Boeing Business Jet 737‐900ER (BBJ 3) auxiliary fuel systems.

March 3, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

The BBJ 3 auxiliary fuel system (AFS) is delivered in a 2‐tank aft configuration, adding an additional 962 gallons of fuel and extending the range of the aircraft by up to 450nm.

PATS’ 2‐tank BBJ 3 AFS is a stand‐alone modular tank system installed in the aircraft’s aft lower cargo compartment. As with all PATS Auxiliary Fuel Systems, the installed auxiliary fuel system feeds the
aircraft’s integral fuel tanks and operates independently, allowing the system to be active or inactive based upon mission requirements.

PATS’ 2‐tank BBJ 3 AFS adds an important option to owners and operators of Next‐Generation 737‐900s and 900ERs and is compatible with most aircraft operations including commercial passenger service, VIP/executive and special mission utilization. PATS’ CEO, John Martin, adds, “PATS continues to deliver options to the industry that expand the capability of popular Boeing aircraft platforms to serve new markets. Flexibility is rewarded in an industry where change is the only constant”.

PATS Aircraft has BBJ 3 AFS kits available for delivery in 2011. PATS also offers installation, maintenance
and modification services which may all be performed concurrently to ensure the most efficient aircraft downtime for customers.



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