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Pelican introduces ProGear 2780 LED headlight

Pelican Products has introduced the feature-rich Pelican ProGear 2780 LED Headlight.

June 24, 2015  By Pelican Products

Equipped with a super-bright LED that can shine clean, brilliant light of different intensities (53 lumens in low mode, 203 lumens in medium mode, 430 lumens in high mode), the Pelican ProGear 2780 LED Headlight is ideal for a variety of applications.
The headlight also offers a safety flashing mode, as well as a downcast mode that makes it optimal for close quarter applications such as reading, engine compartments and illuminating pathways. The main LED and downcast mode can also be used simultaneously for expanded visibility.
The Pelican ProGear 2780 LED Headlight is constructed of water/weather resistant polymer, includes three interchangeable face plates (black, white and photoluminescent) and pivots 70 degrees to direct clean brilliant light where it’s needed. Weighing in at just under 9 ounces (0.25 kg) with four AA batteries (included) it comes with a cloth strap (comfortable for bare heads) and a full-time battery level indicator.
Backed by Pelican’s Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence, the Pelican ProGear 2780 LED Headlight is available for purchase through Pelican’s authorized resellers. The Pelican ProGear line includes rugged, protective consumer products designed to allow users to transport and protect all that they value, regardless of environmental conditions.

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