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Professional Aviation Associates now offering custom Sun-Foil screens

March 26, 2014, Atlanta, Ga. - Professional Aviation Associates and Sun-Foil Aircraft Sunscreens are teaming to provide FBOs, flight schools, fractional, charter and tour operators and others the chance to advertise their businesses wherever their aircraft go.

March 26, 2014  By Stacy Bradshaw

Through PAA, aviation customers can now order aircraft-specific sunscreens featuring their logo or message, turning a blank billboard into an opportunity to spread the word about their company.
“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with our partners at Professional Aviation Associates,” said Don Beaudry, co-owner of Sun-Foil. “Our distinctive, high-visibility Sun-Foil screens with the customer’s personalized logos will be a game changer.”
PAA, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, is a dealer for Phoenix-based Sun-Foil, which manufactures the screens that reflect 97 per cent of radiant heat. Their heat-shielding advantage provides pilots plenty of incentive to put up the screen and share the message in the process. Companies ordering the special sunscreens via PAA can proof their sunscreen before printing, ensuring the integrity of their logo or message. The custom sunscreens can incorporate multiple image sizes and as many as four colours. The minimum order is 20 pieces.
Unlike some similar products, Sun-Foil screens feature a Mylar-exterior that protects aircraft glass from scratches. The fitted screens are available for hundreds of aircraft models. They use suction cups combined with a friction fit to ensure they always stay securely attached while protecting interiors from fading and avionics and other electronics from heat damage. Each screen comes with a lifetime workmanship guarantee and a nylon bag for easy storage. Sun-Foil has produced screens since 1989, and its product is the choice of many aircraft OEMs.

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