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P&WC’s PurePower PW800s to power G500, G600

Oct. 14, 2014, Savannah, Ga. - Pratt & Whitney Canada has announced that its PurePower PW800 engines are the power behind the new Gulfstream G500 and G600 business jets, which launched today at Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.'s Georgia headquarters.

October 14, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

A 16,000-pound-thrust-class powerhouse, the PurePower PW800 engine is optimized for high-flying, fast, long-range business jets and shares the same proven, rigorously tested core technology used in Pratt & Whitney’s award-winning PurePower family of geared turbofan commercial engines. The PurePower engines have been chosen for five other applications demonstrating the performance, flexibility and robustness of this technology.

Certification of the PurePower PW814GA and PW815GA engines that will power the Gulfstream G500 and G600 respectively is expected before the end of 2014. It is anticipated that by the time the PurePower PW800 engine enters into service, the PurePower engine family will have accumulated more than 1.5 million hours of service. Building on this, the PurePower PW800 engine, with its proven core, best-in-class availability, technology innovation and comprehensive service plan, will be uniquely positioned to serve business aviation.

“Gulfstream has once again raised the world standard in aircraft performance and design with the launch of the G500 and G600 business jets and we are thrilled to be its powerplant supplier of choice,” said John Saabas, President, P&WC. “Along with its demonstrated core technology, the PurePower PW800 engine is built with the same innovative design philosophy and outstanding dependability for which Pratt & Whitney engines are renowned.”

“We’re proud to introduce the G500 and G600 business jets which represent a step-change in business aviation by allowing us to provide our customers with the greatest flexibility, range and comfort,” said Dan Nale, Senior Vice President, Programs, Engineering and Test, Gulfstream. “These achievements are possible in part because of our successful collaboration with Pratt & Whitney Canada on the powerplant system, including the new PurePower PW800 engine, its latest and most advanced engine family.”


Every aspect of the PurePower PW800 engine has been thoughtfully designed with people, performance and customer service at heart. The engine establishes a new benchmark for passenger experience by ensuring an exceptionally quiet cabin. The robust powerplant design also ensures best-in-class availability and provides maximum peace of mind to owners, operators, pilots and passengers alike, with 99.99% dispatch reliability.

The PurePower PW800 engine incorporates the latest generation of technologies in every aspect, from advanced design technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to innovative maintenance functionality. Features include a high efficiency and low maintenance single-piece fan, the latest full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system with advanced diagnostics as well as lightweight, advanced materials such as titanium and composites to deliver superior performance and availability. The PurePower PW800 engine delivers exceptional fuel efficiency with double-digit improvement over the previous generation of engines in this thrust class. It also incorporates an advanced TALON X combustor which sets a new “green” engine standard with respect to future environmental regulations, including double-digit margin to anticipated CAEP/8 (Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection) regulations for reduced nitrogen-oxide (NOx) emissions and ultra-low levels of unburned hydrocarbons and smoke.

The PurePower PW800 engine, featuring advanced manufacturing technologies and the use of sustainable materials, will be assembled and tested at P&WC’s world-class Mirabel Aerospace Centre in Quebec, Canada.

A global leader in robust powerplant design, P&WC has been providing fully integrated powerplant systems since 1990 and has introduced multiple successful powerplant families in business and commercial aviation. P&WC now leverages this expertise to ensure seamless integration between the engine, the nacelle system and the aircraft. The nacelle features a meticulously designed engine build-up package, a high efficiency thrust reverser as well as numerous other features which enhance overall aircraft availability.

From a maintenance perspective, the PurePower PW800 engine sets the industry standard, requiring 40% less scheduled maintenance and 20% fewer inspections than other engines in its class. Among the many unique design elements are innovative features such as steps incorporated into the nacelle cowl doors and large access panels in the engine bypass ducts allowing mechanics to quickly and efficiently access the engine core. In addition, the accessory suite has been carefully designed so that most accessories can be replaced in under 30 minutes.

The advanced health management system provides deep insight into the powerplant condition, utilization and operations to optimize aircraft availability and reliability. The system:

  • Has full monitoring capability of over 300 engine parameters with analytics that optimize maintenance intervals, provide precise preventative recommendations and ensure the best possible asset utilization.
  • Gives operators a fully planned environment as part of a premium service plan that also includes access to P&WC’s world-class Customer First Centres 24/7/365.

To accompany the PurePower PW800 engine, P&WC is defining an entirely new engine service plan that will deliver one of the most comprehensive coverage packages on the market. The new plan will launch early next year.

“The PurePower PW800 engine service plan will represent the industry’s most extensive coverage ever offered to provide a true ‘concierge-level’ of service,” said John Di Bert, Vice President, Customer Service, P&WC. “Every element of this plan is being carefully considered to ensure it delivers a completely seamless experience, unmatched customer satisfaction and superior resale value and protection for aircraft investment.”

A true collaborative achievement, the delivery of the PurePower PW800 engine family is a testament to the dedication and hard work of P&WC’s dependable employees around the world as well as partners MTU Aero Engines, Avio Aero and ITP.


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