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Quiet Technology delivers first sets of upgraded corrosion-proof engine inlets for G200

Quiet Technology Aerospace has delivered its first set of their upgraded inlet for the Gulfstream G200 in August and the second set in September. The light weight Carbon Graphite Composite Engine Barrels terminate the recurring issue of expensive and time-consuming corrosion on the G200’s PW305 engine inlets.

October 10, 2017  By Quiet Technology

Having recently received STC approval (Supplemental Type Certificate #ST04261AT) as a solution to aluminum inner-barrel engine inlet corrosion and acoustic screen degradation, this confirms that QTA is finding robust market enthusiasm for the program. QTA’s carbon graphite composite inner barrel comes with a lifetime warranty that is transferrable with the aircraft.

The G200 was the second PW305 powered airframe to receive STC approval for QTA. The first approved aircraft in their program was the Lear 60. QTA has installed over 30 composite barrels for the Lear 60 in the last twelve months with overwhelming operator satisfaction.

Quiet Technology Aerospace also has an approved solution for the Hawker 1000.

Barry Fine, Quiet Technology Aerospace CEO, is pleased the company can help owner/operators terminate this plaguing corrosion issue. “This aluminum inner barrel corrosion issue is an ongoing and expensive problem. We’re thrilled to deliver technology that once and for all terminates the matter. Our customers are both relieved and impressed with the cost, quality and low downtime required to install our composite barrels. With our ‘loaner and exchange program’ we offer the ability to keep flying while a customer’s new composite barrels are manufactured.”


Mr. Fine continues, “There is some very exciting news we will be announcing shortly for additional airframes that are finding corrosion issues on their inner barrels along with receiving broad repair authorizations from key OEMs. I’m very proud of the engineering and manufacturing team we have at QTA.”


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