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R1 Airlines announces new brand identity

April 10, 2014, Calgary - R1 Airlines, previously known as Regional 1 Airlines, formally launched the new “boundless” brand identity in its quest for global growth, and expansion of its domestic and international charter offering as well as ACMI operations.

April 10, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

With its highly regarded focus on outstanding customer experience, R1 continues to broaden its aviation services for the needs of customers in the resource sector, business, leisure and peacekeeping and humanitarian sectors by flying to remote, densely populated and vulnerable locations in the world.

“The new look and feel reflects our service offering aimed at carrying clients wherever they need to go”, said President, Eric Edmondson. Businesses are growing and with growth comes operational and transportation challenges. In today’s complex world, we excel at transporting our clients to challenging destinations, while operating in a reliable fashion to the highest safety standards.”

As R1 Airlines grows its business of providing specialized air charters, it does so with particular attention to the needs of clients in the:

• Resource sector – Personnel and equipment can get to their destination on time in safety and comfort to any region in the world. Customers can set the schedule, choose the in-flight services, catering and cargo requirements.

• Peacekeeping and humanitarian – People in need are supported by various R1 mandates for the United Nations, such as providing services for the World Food Programme for famine, flood, earthquake or political unrest and for emergency medical services.

• Leisure sector – Customers can fly comfortably to their destination of relaxation and fun for any leisure or sporting event and for luxury VIP travel or other getaways.

• Corporate sector – Clients can fly in R1 comfort and style with personalized departure and pick-up, flexible schedules, customized in-flight catering, interior branding as well as accommodations, meeting room set up and ground transportation.


“All of our efforts focus on carrying our clients from ‘remote to remote’ or ‘center to remote’ locations around the world”, added Richard Pollock, Business Development Manager for R1. “With the right measures in place, our experienced team is able to operate at any time to any place.”


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