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Rockwell Collins, Panasonic Avionics develop new 3D map

Sept. 12, 2013, Cedar Rapids, Ia. - Rockwell Collins and Panasonic Avionics have partnered to deliver a new 3D moving map, Voyager 3D, which has been designed to enhance the in-flight experience.

September 12, 2013  By

Voyager 3D is supported by Rockwell Collins' Airshow Moving Map, and will be fully integrated and powered with Panasonic's next-generation in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems such as eX3.

The new 3D moving map includes navigable 3D Earth with high-resolution terrain elevation data and satellite imagery; and full touch-and-zoom gesturing capacity enabling interaction in every view.

It also offers 360° panoramic views and passenger customisable settings such as menu view placement, ticker information and unit of measure preferences.

Adapted particularly for Panasonic Avionics and its customer airlines, the new product can be customised to address airline's unique requirements for branding and flight path scripting.


Rockwell Collins cabin systems vice-president and general manager Greg Irmen said this joint effort with Panasonic delivers a whole new 3D moving map experience for airline customers.

"Passengers will be wowed by the sharp imagery and new gesturing capabilities enabled by the new touchscreen," Irmen said.

"We have brought to market a truly immersive, innovative, 3D moving map experience."
"Airlines benefit from the system's extensive customisation and the reliability and support expected from Rockwell Collins."

The 3D moving map, which takes advantage of the Panasonic global broadband in-flight connectivity network, provides a variety of connected features such as connecting gate, live news, social media and destination and point of interest advertising.

Panasonic Avionics CEO Paul Margis said: "Working with Rockwell Collins, we have brought to market a truly immersive, innovative, 3D moving map experience. which we believe will delight passengers around the globe."


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