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Safety: a leadership journey


Safety: a leadership journey

In conjunction with the Vancouver Chapter of International Women in Aviation, the Aviation Leadership Foundation is hosting its Fourth Annual Aviation Leadership Forum in Richmond, B.C., on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011.

February 1, 2011  By Gary Grass

Feb. 1, 2011, Vancouver – In conjunction with the Vancouver Chapter of
International Women in Aviation, the Aviation Leadership Foundation is
hosting its Fourth Annual Aviation Leadership Forum in Richmond, B.C., on
Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011. The forum will take place at the Sheraton
Vancouver Airport Hotel in Richmond.

If you’re interested in sharing leadership stories, learning more about leadership, and being exposed to a broad range of approaches to leadership, consider attending this upcoming one-day leadership experience. The event has grown over four years and has become a well-received and attended means of sharing with the community at large. Last year’s speakers included Darcy Rezac from the Vancouver Board of Trade, and an engaging conversation around networking using a novel concept. Bill Yearwood, Pacific Regional Director of the Transportation Safety Board was a well received speaker. Catherine Roome of the BC Safety Authority captivated the room with her leadership story and Gary Grass of Blackcomb Aviation closed with an engaging discussion of leadership within the SMS climate.

The Forum is a direct reflection of the efforts, dedication and fundamentals of its founder, Teara Fraser. The Leadership Forum is an extraordinary opportunity to share and promote ideals of leadership, mentorship and networking – something Teara feels very strongly about.  This dynamic and diminutive woman brings her infectious and affable manner to everything she does and it’s difficult to not be swept up in her commitment and enthusiasm. In fact, it’s that same energy in the absence of such a forum that brought her to the conclusion that if something didn’t exist then she had to create the avenue to share these ideas amongst her colleagues. She holds and conveys her vision. Her compassion precedes her. Teara sets an example for what it is to be a leader.

Teara’s passion for leadership is closely rivaled with her passion for aviation. It was natural for her to combine the two into the event we have today, the Aviation Leadership Forum. The day-long event isn’t just for aviators or “wannabe” be aviators, not in the least!  In fact, for the inaugural event, the keynote speaker was Canada’s Double Olympic Gold Medalist from the 1992 Games in Barcelona, Kristen Barnes.  Kristen shared her own passions, triumphs, defeats and wisdom with the group that year and the stories she shared and the lessons we learned were applicable to everything in life.


This year’s program has been shaped from the experiences of the past and is set to lead us into the future. Its theme, “Safety:  A Leadership Journey” is sure to deliver a special message to each delegate and provide them with tools to improve and understand their own place as leaders in life.

The Aviation Leadership Foundation has a mission and commitment to illuminate and focus on the relationship between principles of leadership, mentorship and sharing best practices to attain the highest levels of empowerment and thus safety within your organizations. The Foundation does this by proactively, presenting new ideas for consideration and discussion, acting as a facilitation medium to enable others to build their leadership capacity and share their passion and excitement for safety.  The Foundation’s primary goal is to encourage and support aviation industry personnel and businesses to participate and learn how to maintain and enhance profits while integrating true safety culture into that complex business formula.
The Foundation does this for everyone including young women, those involved in aviation, leaders looking for inspiration and shared vision, families of lost loved ones and the travelling public.  It represents a voice and a focal point for aviation safety. The ALF appeals to a wide range of individuals and groups; to safety professionals, leaders, the novice and the experienced wanting to learn and share with colleagues, friends and strangers. The ALF achieves its goals through networking, the Leadership Forum, corporate commitments and engages those who stand firmly around those commitments to share and make their thoughts known to the broader landscape.

Sponsors this year include, the YVR Airport Authority, Canadian Society of Air Safety Investigators, KISIK Aerial Survey Inc., Canadian North Inc, and a host of others.

You can learn more by visiting the Foundation’s website at


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