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Seefeld Group launches Premiere Insight analysis for private aviation

October 5, 2021  By Wings Staff

Seefeld Group’s new Premiere Insight product is led by industry veterans Charles Porteous (left) and Gaetan Handfield. (Photo: Seefeld Group)

Seefeld Group, a Montreal based consultancy focused on aviation, on Oct. 5 launched Premiere Insight, described as a newly evolved analytical tool that augments advanced product planning, by tailoring marketing research and forecasting to specific product and services development projects.

Seefeld explains Premiere Insight fills a need in the aviation marketplace for more robust and reliable predictions of market performance, by systematically interpreting customer feedback. The resulting data, explains the company, delivers rich, new information related to end customer needs and market demand, which is required for maximizing sales, reducing risk and increasing confidence during product design, investment and realization.

Premiere Insight elevates product planning by leveraging an integrated methodology that impartially surveys the target market. This approach is designed to uncover the drivers of buyer demand by revealing pain points and desired mission requirements. In addition, Seefeld explains it measures the role of brand perception, emotional factors, and end-user preferences in a timely, cost effective and highly customized way. The methodology can provide tailored forecasts for unit sales, revenues and market share.

“There is an impressive set of aviation forecasts released each year providing essential broad overviews of market activity and long-term views,” said Charles Porteous, President Seefeld Group. “Now, Premiere Insight is here to provide an additional level of more customized factual insight and forecast predictability to truly ascertain the optimal road map to sales success for new products and services.”


Premiere Insight is led by two industry veterans, including Porteous and Seefeld Group associate Gaetan Handfield, who will oversee the analysis and forecasting for clients. Handfield has worked for many OEMs and suppliers, and has developed a singular, sustainable market and product planning forecast methodology. Together, they bring close to 60 years of experience to clients.

“We frequently hear that significant investment decisions for new offerings, whether products or services development programs, increasingly require integration of rigorous market research with accurate and focused forecasting. Without specific, in-depth analysis, and greater understanding of market needs within the specific target market segment, many new offerings may not reach anticipated full potential,” adds Porteous. “In an increasingly crowded, competitive marketplace, where investor expectations are greater than ever before, Premiere Insight offers a solution.”


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