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Star Navigation debuts “Real Time” Global Health Monitoring System

Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. has announced it has signed a framework agreement with an undisclosed avionics system manufacturer to launch the world's first "Real Time" Global Health Monitoring System for all types of aircraft, helicopters and train cars.

July 27, 2015  By Star Navigation

The concept combines field proven engine, transmission and vibration monitoring solutions for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, with Star’s STAR-TTT real time satellite based data transmission system.

The end result will provide real time 24/7 tracking and health data, as well as voice streaming to ground operations.

The new system is also designed to adapt to railway cars, providing on-board diagnostic, prognostic analysis and equipment failure prediction. It will drastically reduce the maintenance costs of railway bogies, freight cars and monitor railway tracks throughout the network.

It will monitor and perform diagnostics of all critical components of the airborne or railway platform, providing the operator with real-time health alarms, status, and accurate and reliable usage information. It will enable cost-effective maintenance while keeping the fleet in optimal condition.


Viraf Kapadia, CEO of Star said, “The coming together of these two technology fields opens new possibilities in the global transport market place. We will be offering a unique technology solution, meeting both aerospace and railway industry challenges. It will open doors to a massive market that is currently poorly serviced in both the aviation sector for fixed and rotary wing (helicopters) and the global railway networks.”

“The ‘Real Time’ Global Health Monitoring System is a major development that will drive the HUMS market in significant way. It opens new markets such as Railway networks, which will be able to benefit from the diagnostic and prognostic analysis that can help to predict equipment failure.”


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