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Strategia launches MRO dashboard to help manage compliance in real-time

May 1, 2008, Fort lauderdale, FLA - Validating workers' certifications has become critical but more complex in the Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) industry. 

May 1, 2008  By Stacy Bradshaw

May 1, 2008, Fort lauderdale, FLA – Validating workers'
certifications has become critical but more complex in the Maintenance Repair
Overhaul (MRO) industry. This is due to pressure from regulatory authorities
to comply with an increasing amount of aviation regulations, to a growing
variety of aircraft models requiring maintenance and to the documentation and
regulations imposed by the clients/airlines
"MRO and aerospace companies are increasingly concerned about managing compliance.

For example, a single aircraft maintenance worker must be
certified on multiple levels to perform even simple tasks. This complexity is
becoming a challenge for MRO operators who are trying to maintain or increase
their turn times and accurately manage workers' certifications" says Romain
Gagnon, president and CEO of Strategia.

Strategia, a specialist in software development for MRO and aerospace
companies, has responded to these challenges and is very proud to launch a new
MRO dashboard at the MRO 2008 Conference and Exhibition in Fort Lauderdale,

This dashboard is part of the ed Training, Compliance and Skills
Management Software platform. It has been created to help line managers more
quickly and accurately determine whether specific crews have the
qualifications and certifications required to move to the next job.


dashboard is easy-to-use and flexible enough to permit line managers to
reorganize their workers for even unexpected repair orders based on the tasks
required and who is qualified and certified to do the work.

With direct access
to real-time centralized training, skills and compliance data, MROs may
continue to grow their businesses while reducing their risk of non-compliance.
"Strategia has worked very closely with the training and compliance team
at TIMCO Aviation Services to ensure that the design and functionality of this
new dashboard will respond well to the skills and compliance challenges of the
MRO industry. We want to thank them for generously sharing their industry
knowledge" added Gagnon.

About Strategia

Strategia specializes in scalable Web-based software solutions to manage
training, skills and compliance. Its flagship product ed(TM) is currently used
by clients worldwide including Bombardier Aerospace and CHC Helicopter in
different industries such as aerospace, finance, manufacturing, retail,
education, government and non-profit organizations. For more information,
please visit

For further information: Marian Tremblay, VP Corporate and Strategic
Affairs, Strategia, (866) 679-8239 x 241,


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