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Stratos completing wind tunnel model

July 4, 2011, Bend, Or. - Stratos Aircraft is preparing a 1/5th scale model of their 714 VLPJ for wind tunnel tests at the University of Washington in Seattle during August 8 – 12.

July 4, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

The Stratos engineering team has developed an agenda that includes verification of extensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) work.

Using the same wind tunnel that is often employed by Boeing, the team expects to collect data on drag, lift, stability derivatives, downwash angles, ground effect, and flow visualization to check for separation. A number of pressure ports in the model will be used to measure local pressures in key areas. While this may precipitate some redesign in fuselage, wing or tail configuration, the team is not anticipating any significant changes.

“It’s an exciting process to shift from a virtual model that lives in a computer to a physical model that gets real air flowing by,” said Gordon Robinson, Chief Aerodynamicist for Stratos Aircraft. “When you transition from software to real wind, there are bound to be some minor refinements, but we’re very optimistic about the performance of the design and we’re eager to move onto the next phase.”
Stratos Aircraft is now accepting refundable $10,000 deposits on 714 delivery positions. Deposit money is escrowed in interest-bearing accounts and can be retrieved at any time. The company is still seeking investors and expects to have two flying prototype aircraft within the next two years.



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