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Titanium Seat flies to international skies

Dec. 5, 2014 - After the signature of its first contract with Air Méditerranée, the Titanium Seat, designed and produced by Expliseat, maintains its momentum and opens to the international market with a new contract signed in May 2014 with the Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation. The ultra-­‐light seats will fly on December 2014, on board the A320 fleet of the African company, leader on its market.

December 5, 2014  By Stacy Bradshaw

With a leading position in lightness and super strength, the Titanium Seat continues to draw airlines’ attention, offering them practical and customized solutions. “All airlines are looking for space optimization and reduction in energy consumption, while bringing comfort and safety to passengers” says Jean-­‐Charles Samuelian, MD of Expliseat.

Africa is a young, dynamic and high-­‐growth continent. As Tony Tyler (CEO of IATA) says, “the possibilities in aviation are nowhere more important than in Africa”. There are more and more passengers in the continent and airlines continue to strengthen their fleets.

These issues also concern the Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation, founded in 1991 and based in Democratic Republic of Congo. “Despite the harsh environment in which we operate, the main purpose for CAA is to invest in the modernization of our fleet with confortable seats, at the forefront of progress ” explains David Blattner, CEO of CAA.

Expliseat won its ticket for the international market by anticipating the specific needs of African airlines and answering with the Titanium Seat.


This new contract is a new step in the international development and confirms the global success of the lightest seat in the world. “We are very proud to launch our conquest of the international markets in Africa, a continent that has been left behind for a very long time in terms of innovation, sustainability and comfort in the air industry. But it is changing very fast!” says Jean—Chares Samuelian.

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