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TrueNorth Avionics Simphone data link unit gets TSO

Ottawa - TrueNorth Avionics has announced that its Simphonē FANS-1/A+ Data Link Unitplus has received an FAA TSO. This is an important milestone for the company’s FANS over Iridium product because this design and production approval will streamline the process of obtaining additional STCs.

May 1, 2015  By True North Avionics

TrueNorth is the first company that can now offer a FOI FANS-1/A compliant system with the TSO certification, and it’s an important achievement,” said TrueNorth CEO Mark van Berkel. “Our DLU already has a number of STCs under its belt. With this TSO certification, more aircraft owners can more readily get this equipment installed and benefit from more efficient routes, and the critical safety features associated with FANS-1/A compliance.”

While looking for operational efficiencies, owners and operators are always mindful of safety requirements. A FANS-1/A data link unit simplifies pilot to controller communication, reduces communications error, and increases efficiency. TrueNorth’s Simphonē FANS-1/A DLU is a standalone component with DO-178B Level D software. The lightweight unit features a built-in Iridium transceiver with a small footprint. As operators who fly trans-oceanic routes understand, qualified data link communication capability is becoming more and more important, with increasing commercial and business jet traffic, and is an essential ingredient in achieving FANS 1/A compliance.

In addition to receiving FAA TSO authorization, the TrueNorth DLU has also been successfully tested with Universal Avionics UniLink® UL-800/801 Communications Management Unit (CMU). Carey Miller, Manager of Business Development for Universal Avionics said, “this will be a great FANS 1/A Iridium Satcom solution for operators who already have a Satcom voice system installed on the aircraft.”

As with all TrueNorth products, the DLU was designed for seamless, easy installation. In fact, “it just worked as soon as we took it out of the box and hooked it up—no configuration required,” said Joseph LoCascio, Engineering Product Manager at Universal Avionics.


“Reaction to our DLU has been incredibly positive,” said van Berkel. “When installed with some FMSs, the component actually gives the operator additional functionality such as an extra communications channel.”


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