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TWU urges DOT to Grant AA/One World Antitrust Immunity

June 18, 2009 – Transport Workers Union Calls on Federal Authorities to Grant Antitrust  Immunity to American Airlines and Oneworld Alliance  ATI will help airline workers and their families -- not only corporate players  seeking an even playing field

June 18, 2009  By Administrator

June 18, 2009 – Washington – The Transport Workers of America (TWU), which represents ground workers at 23 U.S. airlines, including 26,000 workers at American Airlines and it American Eagle subsidiary, formally called on the U.S. Department of Transportation to grant antitrust immunity (ATI) to American Airlines and its partners in the Oneworld alliance. 

In a letter sent to U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, TWU’s Air Transport Division Director John Conley said, “Unhealthy carriers fail to  produce, let alone sustain long-term job security. International agreements, antitrust exemptions and airline regulations should not be used to give one airline or airline alliance an advantage over another. In the fragile, unforgiving and highly competitive U.S. airline industry we should strive to maintain an even playing field not only to balance fairness between corporate players, but as a means of protecting the livelihoods of the workers, their families and communities dependent on their incomes.”

A copy of Conley’s letter  can be found at the TWU website, .     

American Airlines, British Airways and the other partners in the One world alliance are seeking the same privileges and antitrust immunities enjoyed for years by the competing Star Alliance and the SkyTeam alliance. The airlines that have been granted ATI have increased market share on trans-Atlantic  routes.    


In addition to the letter to LaHood, TWU will be communicating the union’s position to members of Congress and encouraging TWU members to reach out to their elected representatives.
Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) represents 200,000 workers and retirees, primarily in commercial aviation, public transportation and passenger railroads, including 26,000 workers at AMR. The union is an affiliate of the  AFL-CIO.


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