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Algonquin College offers new Aircraft Maintenance Tech Program

algonquincollThe choice of where to complete any technical training is an important one.  Future Maintenance Engineers need to balance the education value with the program cost and ensure that all is delivered within the timeframe that both the student and the Industry demand. 

December 12, 2008  By Algonquin College

The choice of where to complete any technical training is an important one.  Future Maintenance Engineers need to balance the education value with the program cost and ensure that all is delivered within the timeframe that both the student and the Industry demand.  We are all familiar with the expression that “timing is everything” and right now the timing could not be better for students who are exploring the possibility of a career in Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing.  Algonquin College is pleased to announce that they are now accepting applications for the Fall 2009 start of the Aviation Techniques – Aircraft Maintenance program.

Many aircraft operators across Canada are currently seeking qualified AME technicians right now and there are very few qualified candidates to pick from. If you are looking for a very exciting career that will challenge you for many years and literally take you to many places around the world then the Aviation Maintenance program may be just the ticket.
Algonquin College is the leading provider of applied, career oriented learning in Eastern Ontario. Offering more than 140 full-time programs to approximately 16,000 full-time and 30,000 part-time learners, Algonquin College is at the forefront of the technology revolution with more than 100 computer labs, wireless laptop business programs, state-of-the-art media facilities and a new Advanced Technology Centre.

Joint Program with Centennial College – How does this work?
Algonquin College has signed an agreement with Centennial College to offer the first year of its 2 year Diploma program as an Ontario Ministry approved Certificate program. The first year of the Centennial College program is common to both Aircraft Maintenance Technicians and Avionics Technicians.  We use this “common curriculum” during the two semesters of the Aviation Techniques – Aircraft Maintenance Program. A block transfer agreement with Centennial College will provide a seamless transition to learners who plan to complete the full two year Diploma program. Students will spend the first 9 months at Algonquin College (Fall and Winter Term). After a short (approx 3 months) 1st year apprentice work term (Summer Term) students will complete the final 9 months (Fall and Winter Term) at Centennial College in Scarborough, Ontario.

Graduates who maintain the required academic standard and attendance record may be eligible for an 18-month experience credit towards their apprenticeship to become a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Graduates will benefit from the outstanding reputation that Centennial Graduates of the Aircraft Maintenance program have developed over many years of hard work. Students will also benefit from the resources and reach of both Algonquin College and Centennial College when evaluating potential job opportunities.


Why pursue the AME License? This is a requirement in order to sign off an aircraft and return it to service. Licensed engineers have greater responsibility and will often hold the senior positions and receive higher pay as a result. There are also AME licenses in specialty areas such as Structural Repair, Avionics and Heavy Maintenance. And there are additional endorsements on various aircraft types. Talk to us about your interests and lets work together to find the right fit for your skills.

Aircraft Donations?
Algonquin College is currently looking for aircraft that can be used as task trainers. Aircraft do not need to be airworthy and could even be damaged.  If you know of someone that has an airplane mothballed or timed out engines/airframe that they may be willing to donate to a community college please contact the program administrator below. Algonquin College is able to provide a charitable tax receipt for any donations of aircraft or other equipment. We are currently in need of a light piston single or twin with retractable gear but all donations will be considered.

What about Pilot Training or other aviation Courses at Algonquin?


Algonquin College recently modified its commercial pilot training program from a 1 year certificate to become a 2 year diploma program. This program is called Aviation Management – General Arts and Science and is the first of its kind to offer an optional core aviation elective in the fourth semester. Students can choose from a Float Rating, Instructor Rating or plan to write the Transport Canada IATRA exam in preparation for a Multi-Crew or Cruise Relief Pilot endorsement. As a result of this change tuition has been significantly reduced to the student and enrolment has substantially increased. Students in this program train at the Ottawa International Airport in complex airspace under  the guidance of the expert instruction provided by the Ottawa Flying Club. The objective is to graduate students with an Ontario College Diploma in General Arts and Science, with concentration in Aviation Management. Graduates earn a Commercial Pilots license including a Multi-IFR but also go one step further in obtaining the “Job Ready Skills” that are required to gain employment in the aviation industry. The first graduating class of this new program are job ready now and available for placement in early 2009. Employers are welcome to contact the college to request additional details or to submit job postings.

For more information on either of these exciting new programs at Algonquin College please contact our Program Administrator below or visit our Aviation website at

Bruce Dwyer
Algonquin College
1385 Woodroffe Ave.
Ottawa, ON K2G 1V8
(613) 727-4723 Ext
(613) 447-8674 Cell


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