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Avicrew Management, A New Face in Recruitment

June 30, 2020  By Avicrew Management

Already providing free services to pilots and AMEs, Avicrew Management in April waived recruitment fees for operators to help out the Canadian aviation industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo: Aapsky, Adobe stock)

After spending months and years earning the licenses and hours necessary to become a pilot or AME, many people both new to the aviation industry and those with many years of experience find themselves wondering how to find employment that suits them. Because many airlines and other leaders in the aviation field work exclusively with recruitment agencies to find employees, people starting out in the industry are often at a loss when it comes to finding work. Avicrew Management Inc. aims to change all that.

In 2017, pilot Burke McKenzie and NDT specialist Tyler Davidson set out to make finding employment in aviation easier. They started Avicrew Management Inc. to use their contacts in the industry and their combined knowledge of how things work to help new and experienced pilots and AMEs find the work they’re looking for by connecting them with airlines and carriers that are hiring and by offering contract services to AMEs.

Helping pilots and AMEs find work
While there are many recruitment firms that specialize in aviation, Avicrew Management is the only one in Canada to focus on finding work for pilots. Their service is free to all pilots, including those who are just starting out in the industry. They go beyond using simple professional qualifications and experience to match employers and employees. The company collects specialized personality and career goals from each of their candidates. This allows them to place people in work situations that align with their values and work ethic, resulting in higher retention rates.

Avicrew Management’s easy sign-up process for AMEs and pilots seeking work aims to put an end to the drawn out process of finding employment. Professionals simply need fill out one form and upload their CV in order to be seen by a variety of aviation companies that are hiring. The company also collects personality and career goal information about every one of their candidates. They use this data to place employees in companies that suit their values and personal objectives.


More recently, Avicrew Management has hired AMEs to work on special contracts all across the country. As employees, these AMEs benefit from higher than average salaries and guaranteed working hours.

Beneficial for employers too
Avicrew Management isn’t just making things simpler for professionals. The company’s processes make hiring simple for airlines, carriers and other aviation companies that are looking for quality employees. By recruiting prospective employees using a mix of digital and media marketing and in-person networking, they have a pool of qualified pilots and AMEs with different levels of experience. They collect all pre-screening information necessary and make qualified candidates available to companies, ready for the final say by the company’s human resources department.

Pilot Burke McKenzie and NDT specialist Tyler Davidson in 2017 developed Avicrew to make finding employment in aviation easier.

Working with industry in these trying times
Like many in the aviation industry, Avicrew Management was affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic. However, McKenzie and Davidson saw an opportunity to give back to the industry that they’ve spent their lives working in. They saw, that while the larger airlines were laying off their employees in order to stay afloat, Northern carriers and medevac operations saw demand for their services increase. Many of these companies struggled to find adequate staff.

Avicrew waives recruitment fees for operators

As such, for the duration of the current health crisis, Avicrew Management is offering their services to all Northern airlines and medevac services that need them free of charge. This allows companies to continue their important work and helps pilots and AMEs continue to work during these troubled times. Their services will remain free for all pilots and AMEs looking for employment.


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