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CAE Flightscape to deliver flight safety laboratory for Nigeria

Feb. 18, 2011, Ottawa - CAE announced Thursday that it has been awarded a contract to deliver a comprehensive flight safety laboratory for the Federal Republic of Nigeria's Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB).

February 18, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

The heart of the laboratory will be the CAE Flightscape Insight software suite, which is used by numerous air safety investigators at aircraft manufacturers and investigation authorities around the world and greatly facilitates collaboration during complex investigations.

"Flight data is the cornerstone of any investigation today, and this technology will dramatically improve our ability to meet our obligations as a signatory to International Civil Aviation Organization Annex 13 to investigate accidents and serious incidents, as well as to develop safety recommendations to prevent recurrence," said Dr. Sam Oduselu, AIB Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer. "We will also be using the system to proactively examine flight data to identify unsafe trends as early as possible."

The CAE Flightscape laboratory will be installed at AIB facilities in Lagos, Nigeria. The laboratory will provide Nigeria with the capability to analyze aircraft flight data recorders, cockpit voice recorders, quick access recorders and radar data and will be the first lab of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa.

"This laboratory will help establish a new standard with respect to government-led aviation safety programs in Africa," said Jeff Roberts, CAE's Group President, Civil Simulation Products, Training and Services. "Objective flight data provides the best opportunity to understand the underlying factors of aircraft and human performance so we may continue to advance safety of flight."


CAE Flightscape software and services enable the effective study and understanding of recorded flight data from aircraft and flight simulators to improve safety, training, maintenance, and flight operations. The laboratory being supplied to Nigeria is based on technology and processes originally developed at the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, the federal agency responsible for accident investigation in Canada. CAE Flightscape staff have built or augmented flight recorder laboratories for authorities around the world.


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