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Canada will act to protect air travellers


Canada will act to protect air travellers
Canada's Transport Minister John Baird makes a statement on Canada's plans to protect air travellers.

August 3, 2010  By CNW Group

Aug. 3, 2010, Ottawa – Canada's Transport Minister John Baird made the following statement:

"Recent media reports have suggested that individuals routinely board
aircraft without being visually identified.

Under the Identity Screening Regulations, airlines must be able to verify
the identity of all passengers before they are allowed to board. Airlines
in Canada are required to have procedures in place to verify the identity
of any person whose face is covered. Their approach is to be consistent
with international standards and apply equally to all passengers,
regardless of a person's culture or religion.

If the reports are true, the situation is deeply disturbing and poses a
serious threat to the security of the air travelling public.


Therefore, I have instructed my department to immediately look into this
matter and report back. If our current security policies in this area are
deemed to be lacking, our government will take the necessary steps to
protect the safety and security of the travelling public."

Our government is determined to keep the air travelling public safe and
secure. Since 2006, our government has taken steps to protect the safety
of air travellers through:

  • Measures to improve the screening of air cargo and to improve the
    security and screening of passengers and their luggage at airports,
    including explosive detection and full body scanners;
  • A new Passenger Protect Program to keep people who may pose an
    immediate security threat from boarding commercial flights;
  • Establishing an information-sharing agreement with the Royal Canadian
    Mounted Police to conduct more extensive criminal background checks of
    workers with access to secure areas at Canada's airports;
  • Legislation to help starve terrorists of financing; and
  • Openly condemning groups with links to terrorism, and working with the
    United Nations and our allies to resist and prevent terrorism."


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