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Canada’s Airports Safe, Airports Group Says

the Canadian Airports Council, today said Canada enjoys one of the safest and most secure aviation systems in the world.

September 18, 2007  By Carey Fredericks

In reacting to a report from Senator Kenny issued yesterday, the Canadian Airports Council, the national association representing Canada's airports, today said Canada enjoys one of the safest and most secure aviation systems in the world.

"Canada's aviation system today is at the forefront of the world in safety and security," said Canadian Airports Facette. "Canadians should feel confident that they are flying one of the safest aviation systems in the world."
In addition to passenger screening and world-standard restrictions on items that can be carried aboard passenger aircraft, Canada is a leader in making aviation safe through such measures as:

1) Restricted Area Identification Cards (RAIC) for airport workers – abiometric identification system for airport workers that ensures that everybody with secure access to an airport is who they say they are and have valid security clearance for that part of the airport. Every worker with a RAIC card and secure access at Canada's airports undergoes aggressive background checks before they are provided security clearance.
2) Hold Baggage Screening – 100% of checked bags on passenger aircraft in Canada are screened and any suspicious items identified are further investigated.
3) Supply Chain Security of Airport Products – Security of products sold at Canadian airports is maintained through a supply chain security system.

"The Senator's report takes a simplistic look at aviation security, which owes its strength to the combined layers of security that are constantly being evaluated and modified to meet anticipated threats," said Mr. Facette.


"Security of Canada's aviation system is about constantly learning and improving; this process is never complete, nor should it ever be." Canada's airports say that the security of our aviation system is everybody's concern and airports work closely with Transport Canada, CATSA and the other partners in our system to ensure that it remains safe and secure.


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