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CBC to broadscast important safety documentary

Nov. 9, 2011, Toronto - CBC-TV will broadcast an important documentary about aviation safety  immediately following the CBC National News this evening beginning at about 10:20 PM.

November 9, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

Produced by prominent CBC investigative journalist Alex Shprintsen, and featuring Justice Virgil Moshansky and international aviation experts, the documentary examines the ill-conceived Safety Management System (SMS), implemented by Transport Canada four or so years ago.

Justice Moshansky is a legendary figure in Canadian aviation. He chaired the Dryden inquiry, which became in effect a wide-ranging examination of many aspects of Canadian aviation and uncovered numerous problems. The extensive recommendations of the inquiry vaulted Canada into a leadership position in aviation safety practices.

Moshansky, who continues to follow the aviation industry closely, has become concerned in recent years that air safety in Canada is in decline. In 2007 he issued a scathing condemnation of Ottawa's ill-advised move to download responsibility for regulatory oversight of Canada's airlines from federal aviation inspectors to the air carriers themselves. He told the Commons transport committee "Today, 18 years after Dryden, history is repeating itself, only worse."



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