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Center Air Pilot Academy purchases another first from Mechtronix

March 3, 2008, Montreal - Center Air Pilot Academy (CAPA) of Denmark,  today announced its purchase  of the all new Ascent(R) XJ Trainer(TM) by Mechtronix.

March 3, 2008  By Carey Fredericks

March 3, 2008, Montreal – Center Air Pilot Academy (CAPA) of Denmark
today announced its purchase  of the all new Ascent(R) XJ Trainer(TM)
by Mechtronix.

This represents the second purchase of a flight training device by
Center Air from Mechtronix for continued use in its MPL training program.
Center Air was the first training organization in the world that provided
graduates from its MPL program to an airline (Sterling). This new unit
features a commercial jet platform that is reconfigurable to a regional jet or
turboprop baseline providing a modern multi-crew flight deck training
experience for its students seeking to fly for today's airlines.
The Ascent(R) XJ Trainer(TM) represents a flexible and cost efficient
solution for the training organizations while also providing its ATPL and MPL
students with a high fidelity visual experience. The new trainer will enable
Center Air to train and prepare its students optimally for the complexity and
procedures associated with today's commercial airlines and their larger jets
equipped with automated flight decks. Equipped with a fully functional EFIS
and FMS, the Ascent(R) XJ Trainer(TM) is designed and purposely built to be
the most versatile training solution for entry-level preparation, bridge and
LOFT training and to cover a large part of the sim hours required under pilot
provisioning programs such as MPL. The trainer will be certified as per
JAR-STD 3A FNPT II MCC standards under CAA of Denmark.
"The Ascent(R) XJ Trainer(TM) offers us the outstanding replication
fidelity, economic savings and flexibility we need to continue being the
leader in MPL training for today's airlines", said Anna Kjaer, Center Air's
Chief Ground Instructor and Operations Manager. "This is our second Mechtronix
simulator and like the last, we will count on it for the same reliability and
quality we demand and have come to expect. With all things considered this is
a vital investment that we are confident will serve our MPL students and
airlines well for years to come."
"We are again honored by Center Air's continued faith in our technology
and its exceptional suitability for the new device of choice for the world's
leading MPL training program," said Xavier Hervé, Mechtronix Systems'
President. "This illustrates Mechtronix' innate ability to closely work with
our customers and produce innovative engineering solutions that meet the ever
changing needs of flight training organizations worldwide. We are the only
manufacturer in flight training equipment to cater to both general and
commercial markets hence offering solutions to bridge the gap between these
two training communities. We look forward to working with great partners and
innovators like Center Air to train a new generation of pilots."


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