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Diamond Aircraft pursuing unleaded fuel capablility

March 23, 2012, London, Ont. - Diamond Aircraft has announced that it is actively pursuing certification of unleaded fuel operation for its gasoline powered models, starting with the popular Lycoming powered versions of the DA40 single and DA42 twin engine aircraft.

March 23, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

Diamond's approach is to offer its customers a choice of powerplant solutions and environmentally responsible fuel options to support individual preferences and region specific needs. 

“Diamond has a long history of providing alternative solutions to leaded fuels,” said Peter Maurer, President and CEO of Diamond Aircraft Industries, Inc.. “The Austro Engine diesel powered DA40 and DA42 represent the only actively produced piston aircraft certified for operation with (lead-free) JET-A1 fuel, and even our Rotax 912 powered two seaters of the early 1990s featured unleaded fuel certification (“autogas”). Lycoming's upcoming Service Instruction 1070R and European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) Safety Information Bulletin (SIB) 2011-01R1, will clear the way for European based Lycoming powered Diamonds to operate with ASTM D7547 UL 91 unleaded avgas in the very near future. This represents only the first step. Diamond will continue to pursue certification of additional unleaded fuel options for our Lycoming powered airplanes, to offer our customers maximum flexibility regardless of their geographic location.  We will pursue similar solutions for our popular DA20-C1 two seater, to achieve an all unleaded fuel capable fleet.”

“For many years, the general aviation industry has been working diligently to find a high octane unleaded replacement for 100 low lead avgas.  While this work continues toward a solution, Diamond is committed to ensuring that our currently produced and already delivered aircraft will be compatible with as many fuels as possible, with potential airframe retrofits, if these are even required, kept to a minimum.  Diamond commends Lycoming's continued expansion of approved fuels for the IO360 series engine. In combination with Diamond's multi-fuel compatible airframe fuel system components, this ensures that regardless of which unleaded aviation gasoline ultimately emerges and prevails in the U.S. and other markets, Diamond owners can be confident of the continued long term viability of Lycoming powered DA40 and DA42 aircraft.”



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