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Diamond DA20-C1 cleared for EASA Night Ops

Aug. 31, 2011, London, Ont. - Diamond Aircraft has announced that the DA20-C1's EASA (European
Aviation Safety Association) type certification has been expanded to include approval for night VFR operations, significantly increasing the DA20-C1's utility in the European market.

August 31, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

With well over a thousand aircraft delivered worldwide, the DV20 / DA20 line is one of the most popular two-seaters on the market. In the past 18 months, Diamond has delivered DA20s to customers in Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Sweden, Austria, Italy, France, Poland, Australia, Turkey, Spain, China, Switzerland, the United States and Canada.

The combination of high useful load, approval for Night VFR operations, intentional spin approval, and available Garmin G500 glass cockpit in a fully certified two seat airplane make the DA20 a workhorse in flight training schools worldwide, as well as a practical and economical sport airplane.

There is nothing “light” about this Sport Airplane, except its cost of operation. With a gross weight of 800 kg (1,764 lbs), the DA20's robustness is ideally suited to high utilization operations. Its toughness, reliability, high resale value, performance, and safety have been demonstrated in several million flight training hours under a variety of extreme operating conditions.



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