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EADS Technologies expand Canadian opportunites

June 10, 2010, Berlin, Ger. - EADS Techonology Licensing announced that five companies signed contracts and agreements on Wednesday for the use of EADS technologies that are commercially available to develop new products, improve production and expand market opportunities.

June 10, 2010  By Carey Fredericks

These technologies cover a wide range of capabilities. This includes processes for the production of composite and metallic parts, the application of an advanced avionics data network, the application of new technologies in aircraft cabin interiors and in-flight entertainment systems, as well as the development of inertial sensors and navigation systems.

The contracts and agreements were signed at the 2010 Berlin Air Show by EADS Chief Technical Officer Jean Botti with executives of Diamond Aircraft Industries (Austria), Embvue (Canada), Lufthansa Technik (Germany), MT Aerospace (Germany), RAFI (Germany) and TTTech (Austria). Also participating in the signing event were Dr. Rolf Wirtz, the Chief Technical Officer of EADS Defence & Systems, and Airbus Senior Vice President and Airbus R&T Head, Axel Krein. The EADS Divisions are fully integrated in the Technology Licensing Initiative.)

"As a global leader in aerospace and defence, EADS has technologies that can help our licensing partners maintain their competitive edge in today's challenging business world," Botti said. "Today's agreements underscore the broad range of licensing opportunities available from EADS, which are backed by the extensive resources throughout our company's engineering, development, production and operational activities."

The technology licensing contract with Diamond Aircraft Industries enables this manufacturer to utilise EADS' patented Vacuum Assisted Process (VAP) in the production in the field of general aviation and personal jet aircraft. VAP allows composite structures to be manufactured without the use of traditional autoclaves, and provides high quality parts that are more cost effective to produce while also improving production flexibility and reducing throughput times. The technology has been developed in a collaboration between EADS Military Air Systems Business, Premium Aerotec and EADS Innovation Works and the Unit, says Dr. Wirtz


Embvue and TTTech licensed AFDX-Technology from Airbus, which is a fast Ethernet link between onboard computers which has been originally been developed for the A380, explains Axel Krein.

RAFI's interest in EADS technologies include inertial sensor technology, navigation and the manufacturing of circuit boards, while MT Aerospace is evaluating the application of EADS' expertise in friction stir welding – a solid-state joining process used in the production of metal parts, structures and components.

The agreements signed at ILA have an expected value of € 2.5 million, altogether EADS has already licensed technology contracts amounting to ten million.


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