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Embvue and Airbus sign technology licence agreement

Jan. 24, 2011, Montreal - Embvue Inc has underlined its position as a provider of AFDX and safe, deterministic switched Ethernet products and services by announcing the signing of an important Technology Licensing Agreement with EADS and Airbus.

January 24, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

The Technology License Agreement, signed by Embvue's CEO and senior members of Airbus and EADS staff, grants Embvue a license to exploit Airbus patents. The patents in question together describe the underlying principles upon which certifiable AFDX switch and end system implementations in use today in the aerospace and defense market are based.

"Embvue is a valued partner that has developed some innovative AFDX software products and tools," said Axel Krein, Airbus Senior Vice President and Airbus R & T Head. "We believe that signing this Technology Licensing Agreement with Embvue will provide an opportunity for both companies to capitalize on the value of the technology in question and further increase the market adoption of AFDX itself, which, in turn, will benefit the industry as a whole."

"This Technology License Agreement is hugely important to us and is the result of considerable ongoing cooperation between Embvue and Airbus," said Gary Greisman, CEO of Embvue. "EADS and Airbus are very important partners of ours with whom we have been working on AFDX for several years already. I am delighted to be able to announce that we have formalized and extended our cooperation under the auspices of this new agreement."

Embvue is the leading independent supplier of software-based AFDX products and services. Embvue has participated in the development of AFDX since its inception and was part of the ARINC group that, with Airbus, helped to establish the ARINC 664 Part 7 standard. Embvue has already developed and launched its A-Stack (Certifiable software AFDX stack solution), A-Switch (Certifiable software AFDX switch solution) and Prodigy (DO-178B qualifiable network integration, optimization and deployment tool suite) products.


"Embvue believes strongly that AFDX is a growth segment in the aerospace and defense market," said Phil Cole, VP Sales and Marketing at Embvue. "We have seen a recent upturn in the number of potential customers showing an interest in our AFDX products and services that we believe is as a result of the growing maturity of the technology in general. We also believe that there has been a pent-up demand for software end system, switch and tools solutions like ours to be made available that enable AFDX adopters more ready access to portable, flexible, scalable, future-proof, off the shelf products."


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