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Elevate Aviation wraps up 2018 cross country tour

Was it exhausting? Extremely! Was it worth it? Absolutely! The Elevate Aviation Cross Country Tour has wrapped up its final stop in Winnipeg, Manitoba and what an adventure it was.

March 27, 2018  By Elevate Aviation

Women from all across the country gathered in each of our nine stops for a full-day VIP tour of the aviation industry to hear about careers that most of them never even considered before this.

With the help of our sponsors – Nav Canada, North Cariboo Air (Edmonton), Porter Airlines (Moncton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal), Air Inuit (Moncton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal), Fast Air (Winnipeg), Air North (Whitehorse), Skyservice (Toronto) and Tim Horton’s (Gander), we were able to provide this entire day free of charge.

What makes this tour so important? With the looming shortage in aviation professions such as pilots and AME’s, we need to target a whole new demographic that currently does not really focus on aviation as a possible career. To some, a career in aviation is outside the norm and most people don’t even know about all of the career options that go beyond being a pilot or flight attendant. By bringing these women into our world and allowing them to get up close and personal with women who are already thriving aviation professionals, and then touring them around aircraft, towers, air traffic control centers, etc, a whole new interested is piqued for a whole lot of people who never would have thought of aviation before.


When women come into our tours they are often there for an exciting day away from school and don’t really know what they are in for. By the end of the day, they are excited about this industry and want to join in! One tour attendee says, “I quit school to try and figure out what I want to do in life. I would like to thank you because I have now found it!”. When we hear feedback like this, we know we are making a difference and it is worth it.


For the women who are ready to take the next step and move forward into their new dream career, we encourage them to contact us to be set up with a mentor. We have women from coast to coast, in all different careers, wanting to share their advice, their stories and their careers with other women with the hope that the male-dominated industry will begin to balance and more women are in careers they love.

Please contact to be set up with a mentor or simply just speak with someone about aviation career options!


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