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EMTEQ Introduces 115VAC LED Lighting for the 787

April 9, 2014, New Berlin, Wis. - EMTEQ has been awarded a contract from Greenpoint Technologies to provide LED interior lighting for two Boeing 787 VIP completions.

April 9, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

EMTEQ has supported Greenpoint Technologies for more than nine years supplying primarily Interior LED Lighting for completions of Boeing VIP aircraft.

The program utilizes EMTEQ’s newest lighting products including white wash and dome lighting. These products showcase EMTEQ’s latest technological advancements to operate directly from115VAC wild frequency. This significant advantage eliminates the need for a Transformer Rectifier Unit (TRU) and the added cost and weight associated with it. Both products represent EMTEQ’s smart lighting advancements eliminating separate LRUs while still interfacing with CMS system through an RS-485 interface.

“EMTEQ is the expert for LED lighting for the VIP completion market with a strong product line of both white lighting and full spectrum mood lighting, but also a strong ability to develop products unique to the aircraft,” said Eric Beverage, EMTEQ’s Director-Global Technical Business Development. “We understand the integration process and our newest lights being used on this program show just why we are the leading lighting supplier for VIP completions.”

Upon receipt of the STC, EMTEQ will be receiving PMA for the associated lighting products on the Boeing 787 platform.



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