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F-35 industry partners to gather in Ottawa

Jan. 30, 2014, Ottawa - As Canadian companies gather in Ottawa for an F-35 industry partner conference, conference co-chairs Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions and GasTOPS Ltd. welcome their colleagues and encourage a productive exchange of ideas with Members of Parliament about how Canada’s continued commitment to the production of the F-35 can bolster global security, contribute to economic recovery, and build a long term aerospace infrastructure in Canada that Canadians will benefit from for decades to come.

January 30, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

Industry conference Co-Chair, GasTOPS Ltd., is recognized worldwide for its innovative contributions to the productivity and safety of critical machinery, and as an important partner of Lockheed Martin in the production of the world’s only 5th Generation Fighter, the company recently celebrated the delivery of its 10,000th MetalSCAN sensor across all the aerospace and industrial sectors.

“For us and our colleagues in the aerospace industry throughout Canada, working on the F-35 has opened up doors that would not have been opened otherwise,” said GasTOPS President and CEO, Dave Muir.  “We have access state of the art technology, relationships within the aerospace community, and worldwide partnerships that will help us compete globally for years to come.”

Fellow industry conference Co-Chair, Curtiss-Wright, is an example of an industry partner that is firmly embedded in the production of the F-35 as a manufacturer of rugged high performance processor modules.

“We are pleased to join our Canadian industry partners in communicating the key role that Curtiss-Wright and our colleagues play in supporting the production of the F-35,” said Lynn Bamford, Sr. VP/GM, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions division. ”We take pride in helping to expand the Canadian defense and aerospace industry by creating jobs in Ottawa that help strengthen the local economy and community. Our Ottawa business operation, founded in Kanata decades ago, is today recognized around the world as a leading supplier of rugged processing modules used in critical national security programs. We join with our partners in asking the Canadian government to continue the support that helps keep industry and the nation strong.”



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