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Family doesn’t blame pilot in Manitoba crash

Feb. 12, 2013, Waskada, Man. - The family of a boy who died in a plane crash in southwestern Manitoba is not blaming the pilot.

February 12, 2013  By The Canadian Press

Talis Taylor-Meszaros, who is 15, says his parents are too distraught to talk about what happened to his nine-year-old brother,
Dawson Pentecost, on Sunday.

Dawson was hanging out with two buddies on his Manitoba hockey team, when they asked him if he wanted to go for a plane ride with them and their dad, Darren Spence.

Dawson had never been on a plane before and he phoned his own father to make sure it was OK.

Talis says his dad trusted Spence as an experienced crop-dusting pilot in their small town of Waskada.


Later that day, Talis' dad, Dave Pentecost, who is a volunteer firefighter, got a message on his pager that a plane had gone down.

He rushed out on snowmobile to a field outside of town and was one of the first to find the wreckage.

Talis says his family believe it must have been a mechanical error.

Peter Hildebrand, the regional manager for the Transportation Safety Board, said it wasn't yet clear why the six-seater Cessna 210 plane crashed.


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