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Flying Colours sees more international business

May 16, 2011, Peterborough, Ont. - Flying Colours Corp is at EBACE this week to explore potential partnerships and alliances in Europe.

May 16, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

It will also be promoting its expertise on the Challenger 850 programme, where so far the company has completed a total of six new aircraft and is working on four more at their North American facilities.

A happy customer with a newly kitted out Challenger 850 is Hong Kong’s Metrojet which took delivery in December 2010 for a private client’s use.  “The quality and craftsmanship is exceptional and we are sure this is exactly what the Asian market is asking for. Being a premier business aviation company in Hong Kong, Metrojet is looking forward to maintaining a long term partnership with Flying Colours to further enhance our service and product portfolio,” says Bjorn Naf, CEO of Metrojet, who will also be in Geneva this week.

Flying Colours’ relationship with Bombardier on the ‘Green Challenger’ programme is going from strength to strength.  Here, clients participating in the programme buy the aircraft green from Bombardier and work with Flying Colours to outfit the aircraft just to their exact specification.  As a result of the company’s growing reputation, Flying Colours notes it is acquiring additional business from end users now, Sean Gillespie, Director, reports, which means even more detailed customisation requests.  “We do get some very unusual requests during the interior specification process, but the ability to be flexible and incorporate customized requests is a trademark of our company.”
Interest is also picking up again now in the CRJ ExecLiner Conversion programme, says Gillespie and Flying Colours is talking to a number of potential companies in this regard.  Flying Colours has delivered seven conversions and have two additional ones currently in progress.  Dialogue will continue at EBACE, and the company continues its collaboration with Dubai-based Project Phoenix, which markets the Phoenix CRJ.
Asia is an especially strong market right now with the 850’s and general refurbishment and deal making there is getting easier now we have experience in the region and aircraft in service, Gillespie says. 
Eyeing interest in larger jet VVIP conversions

 The largest tenant at Peterborough Airport, Flying Colours is encouraged by management plans to complete a lengthening of the runway by 2,000ft to 7,000ft and an overall investment to improve the infrastructure  This would allow it to accept and work on larger aircraft types at its extensive hangar facilities in the future.



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