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Garda suspends 74 protesting screening officers

Oct. 12, 2011, Toronto - Garda Security Group says it has suspended 74 screening officers at Pearson International Airport after they staged a work-to-rule campaign today.

October 12, 2011  By The Canadian Press

It also says it has started legal action against them after they refused to honour a Canadian Industrial Relations Board injunction and court order prohibiting a work slowdown.

Garda says it's looking at termination of employment, contempt-of-court proceedings and claims for damages.

Both Air Canada and the Greater Toronto Airports Authority reported some delays for passengers this morning, but say things are moving fairly well right now.

A work-to-rule protest by security screeners led to long lineups and delays at Terminal 1 on Thursday and Friday, affecting domestic and U.S. flights.


Garda Security, a private company contracted by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, won an injunction Thursday that bars a work slowdown.

But travellers still had to contend with long lineups on Friday as the Thanksgiving weekend kicked off.

"While the vast majority of our 1,600 screening officers at Pearson are performing their jobs, a small number of individuals have caused disruptions and delays and their actions will not be tolerated,'' said company spokesman Marc-Andre Aube.

"We deeply regret the disruption and inconvenience caused by their actions.''


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