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Heroux-Devtek facility obtains ICI ON RECYCLE certification

Feb. 22, 2011, Laval, Que. - Héroux-Devtek announced Friday that its landing gear facility in Laval has obtained the “ICI ON RECYCLE” certification.

February 22, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

The attestation was awarded by RECYC-QUÉBEC, which has the mandate of promoting, developing and encouraging the reduction, reuse, recovery and recylcing of containers, packaging, material or products, as well as their valorization in a perspective of resource conservation.

The Laval plant obtained the highest level of recognition, that is, Level 3 – Performance. This level recognizes facilities having obtained high peformances in the valorization of waste. The plant made its mark by attaining a valorization of over 85 per cent of its waste, therefore exceeding the target of 80 per cent set by RECYC-QUÉBEC. Recipients are recognized for having implemented measures of reduction and reuse as well as recycling and valorization for residual waste aimed at by the Quebec Residual Materials Management Policy. They must also have carried out information and awareness campaigns on the management of residual waste within their facility.

The Laval facility employs some 170 people and is Héroux-Devtek’s centre of excellence for small to medium landing gear systems and components and for flight control actuators. It is the third in its field to have obtained such level of recognition.

“I warmly congratulate all of our staff for the obtention of this certification that perfectly illustrates their commitment towards the environment. I would also like to point out the relentless work of our environmental committee who actively took part in the realization of this project over the past year,” declared Daniel Normandin, Director of the Laval facility.


“The aerospace industry is increasinlgy concerned about the environment and Héroux-Devtek is proud to be a leader with regard to the sound management of resources. A growing number of clients demand that their suppliers act responsibly with regard to the environment and our facility in Laval therefore qualifies for any business opportunity that may arise,” added Gilles Labbé, President and Chief Executive Officer of Héroux-Devtek.


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