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IATA to deliver specialized aviation security training in Sherbrooke

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced an agreement has been signed with Centre en sûreté Alerte to provide a three-year schedule of aviation security training at its newly established Airpole training facility in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

September 21, 2015  By IATA

The IATA courses will be delivered in English and in French for aviation security professionals in a unique combination of classroom and simulation environments. The syllabus will include:

  • Aviation Cybersecurity
  • Air Cargo Security
  • Predictive Passenger Screening
  • Security Management Systems

“By combining IATA’s deep expertise in training on global standards with the imminent development of the cutting edge facilities of Airpole, we will continue to build the pool of qualified and competent aviation security professionals needed to meet future demand in Quebec, in Canada and across North America,” said Mark Hubble, IATA’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Services.

“Our vision is to build a center of excellence to help the aviation sector meet ever-evolving security challenges. IATA, with its headquarters in Montreal and strong global reputation in training aviation professionals, is a natural partner in achieving this goal,’’ said Bernard Ricard, President of Centre en sûreté Alerte.

Airpole will join the growing list of IATA’s Regional Training Centers helping to deliver training to over 100,000 students and aviation professionals worldwide. The courses are intended to begin in 2016 with details set to appear on the IATA and Airpole websites shortly.



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